Should You Post a Bail Bond?

The phone rings and the voice on the other end informs you that it’s a collect call from an inmate at the local jail. Once charges are accepted, you hear a woeful plea to post a bond for the individual. You’re heart goes out to the person and you’re considering posting their bond. But, should you? There are several points to ponder before making the decision.

What’s the Criminal Charge?

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Consider the type of crime the individual who is requesting your assistance bonding out of jail has been charged with committing. You may want to bail the individual out of jail if they’re facing serious time in order to give them opportunity to spend more time with friends and family. Or, you may not want to involve yourself with the ordeal whatsoever.

Can You Financially Afford to Post a Bond?

Never put yourself in a bind to post a bond for someone. In fact, you should never make any type of commitment that harbors your financial situation. Consider the bond amount and if you’re comfortable paying this amount before you sign on the fitted line of the bond.

How Well Do You Know the Person?

You probably don’t want to sign a bond for a person whom you’ve known only for a short period of time. Your signature on the bail bond is a guarantee of the person’s appearance in court on the scheduled date and time. Do you want this much responsibility?

If you decide to post a bond for a person who’s been arrested and put in jail, find bail bonds near me pittsburgh pa to get started. Local bondsman can help you complete the bonding process so your loved one is out of jail much sooner. But, consider the points above before you make this call.