What’s it Like to Be in Jail?

Jail is one of the scariest four-letter words in the English dictionary. When a person hears this word, they usually have negative thoughts and judgments, which is warranted. Jail is not the place that anyone wants to be, but if you are convicted of committing a crime, the judge or jury may very well order you to spend time.

Being in jail is not very fun. You’re surrounded by other inmates, some of whom are awaiting trials for heinous crimes. Some have already been sentenced and are serving out their terms. Those who are in jail are usually not too happy and fights are common. Bullying is one thing that jail is well-known for as well.

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How about the food you ask? Sure, you get fed each day, but one taste will help you understand why some meals aren’t exactly fit for human consumption. Some foods are edible but most aren’t things that you want to tell anyone about. There’s commissary, where you can purchase snack items, but that’s only when people add money to your account. You are confined to a cell for most of the day and going outside is a rare occurrence, if it happens at all. Plus, you’ll always wear handcuffs and shackles if you’re taken out of the cell for any reason, even to obtain medical care.

If you are arrested, you have the option to post bail so you don’t endure the experiences that jail brings. It is the best way to get out of jail in columbia mo, aside from avoiding trouble in the first place. But, life happens as we all know and sometimes, the result is a stint in jail. The experience certainly won’t make you happy but instead will hopefully help you learn that jail is not the type of life that you want to live!